Rules and Regulations for International Students Date of release :: 2018-09-17

1、学生因病或其他原因缺勤时,必须办理请假手续,否则记为旷课。学生无故迟到或早退3次按旷课1学时计算。Students must ask for leaves&nbspbecause of illness or&nbspother reasons, otherwise they will be regarded as absence. If three times late or leave earlier from classes without reasons, students&nbspwill be given&nbspone absence.

2、一学期累计旷课达 20 学时,予以警告;累计旷课达 30 学时,予以书面严重警告;累计旷课达 40 学时,予以留校察看处分。If a student is&nbspabsent for 20 teaching hours per semester, he/she will be given warning absent for&nbsp30 hours per semester, the severe written warning will be given. When his/her absence is added up to 40 hours, he/she&nbspwill be given the probation sanction.

3、一学期请假累计达到总学时三分之一者,按休学或留级处理。一学期内无故旷课累计达到总学时三分之一者,按自动退学处理。If students take&nbspleaves&nbspfor one third of the total attendance per semester, they will&nbspbe given&nbspsuspension of&nbspschooling or get repeating. If students are absent from school without reasons for one third of the total attendance per semester,&nbspthey will be given dropout.

4、学习期间课程考核不及格者实行补考、重修制。课程考核不合格的,允许补考一次。补考不合格的,必须重修。重修课程的成绩以卷面成绩记载,覆盖原不及格成绩;补考成绩以60分记载并注明“补考 ”。If students fail the exams, they should participate in the make-up examinations, and even retake courses. Students are given one chance for&nbspmake-up examinations. If students fail the make-ups,&nbspthey are required to retake&nbspcourses. And their retaken marks&nbspwill be recorded only from the paper to&nbspreplace&nbspthe originals. Make-up courses will be marked “make-up”&nbspand the marks will be 60.

5、凡擅自缺考或考试作弊者,该次考核成绩记为无效,且必须申请重修,并在成绩单中注明“缺考”或“作弊”。凡考试作弊者,视情节轻重,按《潍坊医学院留学生违纪处分条例》给予批评教育和相应的纪律处分。Anyone who is absent from or cheats in examinations will get invalid marks, and must&nbspretake the courses.&nbspAnd “absence”&nbspor “cheating” will be marked&nbspin his/her mark sheet. According to WFMC Disciplinary Regulations for International Students, any cheater will be given&nbspcriticism education and corresponding disciplinary sanction.


The international students should get repeating with the following circumstances:

(一)在一学年内,不及格课程门次达到或超过所开设全部课程总数的70%,予以留级;In one academic year,&nbspfailed subjects are 70%&nbspor above&nbspof all the subjects.

(二)在一学年内,经过补考仍然不合格的课程门次,达到所开设全部课程总数的30%(含)~50%(不含),予以留级;In one academic year,&nbspfailed make-up subjects are over 30%-50% of all the subjects.

(三)在一学年内,经过补考仍然不合格的课程门次,达到所开设全部课程总数50%(含)以上的,予以降级;Students will be kept down&nbspto a lower&nbspgrade if failed make-up subjects are over 50% of all the subjects.


Students must leave school with one of following conditions:

(一)在一学年内,留级的学生,已开设必修课程的学业成绩仍有40%及以上未达到学校规定要求的,或者在学校规定年限内(含休学)未完成学业的;In one academic year,&nbspthose&nbspwho get repeating have 40% of the compulsory courses not to satisfy the requirements&nbspaccording to the regulations of the university. Or the students do not accomplish the study within the length of schooling prescribed by the university (including suspension).

(二)休学或保留学籍期满,在学校规定期限内未提出复学申请,或申请复学经复查不合格者;Students don’t go through formalities to resume schooling&nbspafter the expiration of suspension or on the end of retaining status as a student. Or the students don’t pass the physical examination before they resume schooling.

(三)经指定医院确诊,患有精神病、癫痫、麻风病等严重疾病者或意外伤残无法继续在校学习者;The students cannot continue their studies with unexpected physical disability or diseases such as mental disorder, epilepsia, gafeira and other serious diseases after they are given final diagnosis by the appointed hospital.

(四)本人申请退学者;The students submit applications to leave school by themselves.

(五)在校学习时间超过学制规定年限两年者;The students have exceeded two years&nbspof the length of schooling.

(六)一学期内,未请假离校连续两周或者累计4周未参加学校规定的教育教学活动的;In one semester, students are absent from school for 2 weeks or don’t attend any kind of teaching activities up to 4 weeks without official approval.

(七)考试作弊,情节严重者;The students cheat in examinations&nbspand their errors are serious.

(八)超过学校规定期限未注册而又无正当事由者;The students don’t make registrations within prescribed time without special reasons.

(九)休学期间有严重违法乱纪行为者;The students violate the laws and disciplines during the period of suspension from school.

(十)未能按期足额缴纳学费超过一学期者;The students fail to pay the tuition for more than one semester.


Students will not be granted certificates of bachelor degree in any of the following conditions:


Students failed in five subjects


Students failed in HSK4


Students were given demerit punishment or above.


During novitiate, students were absent for three times and above, got unqualified novitiate appraisal, and were given delayed clinical internship.


During clinical internship, students were absent for six times and above, got unqualified internship appraisal, and were given delayed graduation.

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